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Epidural injections involve inserting a needle into the epidural space of the spine. Our doctors then inject a combination of anesthetic and steroid medications. This helps relieve inflammation, interrupt pain signals, and reduce back pain.

Our physicians at NEW YORK INTERVENTIONAL PAIN PHYSICIANS perform epidural injections to effectively treat chronic back pain and sciatica.

Using imaging guidance, our physicians precisely locate the epidural space. They then insert a small needle and thread a catheter. Medication is gently injected through the catheter. The outpatient procedure takes only a few minutes.

Benefits of using our treatment:

  • Provides temporary pain relief
  • Reduces inflammation that causes back pain
  • Effective for herniated discs, stenosis, and sciatica
  • Minimally invasive with low risk

You may feel immediate relief or notice gradual improvement within days. The effects typically last several weeks to months. Epidural injections can be repeated for continued pain management.

Our dedicated team provides compassionate and individualized care. We utilize the least invasive methods to deliver safe and effective long-term relief.

Consult our best doctors today or call us to book an appointment. Our physicians will determine if epidural injections suit your specific back pain condition.