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New York Interventional Pain Physicians

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    Fady Wassef M.D.

    New York Interventional Pain Physicians

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    Why is wellness important, you ask? Wellness and peace go hand in hand; it is the perfect mental and physical health mixture. Wellness doesn’t just affect just one area of your life; it is a combination. With the increase in chronic pain or serious illnesses, practising well-being has become crucial.

    Pain is associated with both mental and physical problems. It increases the risk of falling ill. Falling ill will affect the cost of your healthcare services and your overall well-being. It doesn’t matter what the issue is; pain will always accompany it. Pain not only accompanies but causes a severe impact on our day-to-day activities. If not managed in time, pain can cause both physical and mental suffering, making one’s life more difficult. At NEW YORK INTERVENTIONAL PAIN PHYSICIANS, we aim to reduce your pain and suffering and wish to revive you from illness or injury.

    New York Interventional Pain Physicians aims to apply modern technology and utilise the latest discoveries by researchers for treating and preventing chronic pain. We offer simple yet effective treatment plans to our patients. Reducing pain or preventing illnesses lowers healthcare costs, helps you build healthy relationships, offers satisfaction, and improves every area of your life. Our pain and wellness centre deals with chronic and physical or mental pain.


    What We Do


    We are here to serve your pain in a way like never before. Utilizing the updated methods of treatment, we ensure that even chronic pain bids you farewell in no time. Our experts here know the right way to treat every pain correctly. We offer various services and assist you the ways to coordinate with your healthcare specialists.

    about us

    The History of Pain Management

    It started somewhere in 1895, and now we are working continuously towards controlling pain and aligning your body with the updated technology.


    What Our Clients Say About Us

    Very experienced doctor. Treated well!

    El Terco

    This doctor is literally amazing!!! Trust me. Very compassionate, caring and he explains everything!!!
    Thank you doctor wassef. You definitely came through for me. I love how patient u were with me. To you and your team at citimed: thank you

    Horace Long

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