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Sacroiliac joint lesioning involves injecting medications into the sacroiliac joints near nerves that cause pain. This disrupts pain signals and reduces inflammation in the joints.

Our pain specialists at NEW YORK INTERVENTIONAL PAIN PHYSICIANS offer sacroiliac joint lesioning to effectively treat chronic SI joint pain.

The procedure of the treatment:

Our physicians precisely locate the sacroiliac joints using imaging guidance and local anesthetic. They then inject a combination of anesthetic and steroid medications. Most patients are in a condition to go back to their regular activities immediately.


  • Provides temporary relief from SI joint pain
  • Reduces inflammation that causes pain around the SI joints
  • The minimally invasive procedure with low risk
  • May delay or avoid more invasive treatments

You’ll likely feel some immediate reduction in pain after lesioning. Most patients experience full benefits within days to weeks. Effects can last several months.

Here at NEW YORK INTERVENTIONAL PAIN PHYSICIANS, we have a staff of pain management experts well-versed in sacroiliac joint lesioning operations. Our top priority is patient satisfaction by keeping safety in mind, so we’ll develop a treatment strategy just for you. 

Contact NEW YORK INTERVENTIONAL PAIN PHYSICIANS immediately to speak with a specialist to get the right treatment for your persistent lower back pain due to sacroiliac joint dysfunction. With our efficient sacroiliac joint lesioning operation, you may finally end your suffering and regain control of your life.