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How Spinal Cord Stimulation Works to Manage Pain


hen the body reacts to an injury longer than required, chronic pain can develop. The pain becomes harmful on its own and no longer protects the body from injury. Work, eating, exercising, and other regular activities can become difficult while dealing with chronic pain. 


Nerve signals are continuously sent from the body to the brain by alerting the person about the problem, and these signals help to avoid harm. Unfortunately, injured nerves have the ability to transmit pain signals to the brain even though there is no injury. It is possible to interfere with these signals using spinal cord stimulation so that the brain doesn’t get harmful signals.


What is Spinal Cord Stimulation? 

Doing even the most basic duties can seem difficult if you suffer from chronic neck, back, or spine pain. In that situation, spinal cord stimulation offers relief to the problem. With spinal cord stimulation, electrical currents are injected into your spine through a tiny device as an interventional pain management technique. 


Electrodes, which are tiny wires that receive impulses from a generator, form the stimulator itself. You can choose when the electrical currents are sent by using the remote control that comes with the device.


Working of Spinal Cord Stimulation to manage pain 

Spinal cord stimulation systems have thin wires called leads and stimulators, which are small implanted pulse generators. These are implanted into the body. Through the leads, the stimulator allows some spinal cord nerves to get short, mild electric current pulses. When pain signals reach the brain, these impulses block them.


You can use a remote control to target different pain regions in your body with customized settings or programs, as well as to turn stimulation on and off and adjust the intensity of stimulation. The brain interprets these signals differently. To replace the pain, spinal cord stimulation therapy uses mild tingling or fluttering sensations.


Final thoughts 

The results of spinal cord stimulation depend on careful patient selection, proper surgical technique, successful trial stimulation, and patient education. New York Interventional Pain Physicians offers the best spinal cord stimulation therapy that helps patients manage their pain. With the use of the latest technology and highly trained Physicians, they make sure you get relief from pain.

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