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The Most Common Types of Muscle Pain in Athletes


very kind of athlete depends on their body’s muscles to perform well. Endurance, flexibility, and strength help athletes avoid injuries and maintain healthy muscles. Despite their best efforts, a lot of athletes suffer from mild to severe muscular injuries. Apart from medical care, many of these injuries need pain management. Whatever the sports, maybe there are some common types of muscle pain for athletes, which are discussed here:


Sprains and strains 

Ligaments are tissue segments that link two bones together at a joint. A sprain happens when the ligaments are torn or overstretched. Thick, fibrous tissue strands called tendons connect muscle to bone. Many times, strains are confused with sprains. A sprain happens when muscles or tendons are torn or overstretched which is common for athletes. 


Knee Injuries 

Athletes often visit a pain management specialist for knee injuries or patellofemoral syndrome, which is a major sports-related injury. Athletes usually need weeks to heal, and during that time, they are often advised to keep up low-impact activity to keep their muscles from weakening. 


Shoulder Injuries 

Sportspersons who play weightlifting, tennis, basketball, and other activities that need overhead movement are most likely to suffer from shoulder injuries.



Sciatica is a type of pain that originates in the sciatic nerve, which travels from the lower back into the legs. Pain can be attributed to bulging discs, which often coexist with sciatica. Ice and anti-inflammatories can be used to relieve spasms that result from an injury.


Hamstring strain 

The skeletal muscles at the back of your thigh are known as your hamstrings, and strain in hamstrings is one among the most common sports injuries. The best prevention against hamstring strains includes stretching, warming up, and avoiding pushing through pain in your leg, hip, or knee.


Final thoughts 

It hurts to strain a muscle. It can be more upsetting to give up your favorite sports for a few weeks. But the best method to ensure that you can return to your favorite activities as soon as it’s safe is to give your muscle the time it needs to heal. Get an appointment with New York Interventional Pain Physicians, which specializes in muscle pain, to overcome the problem.

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